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The world of the Unseen. Cryptozoology. Theology. Folklore and Myth. Spirits, demons... Djinn. Shadows of other dimensions, or fevered dreams of madmen, the history of unbelievable interactions has plagued mankind since the beginning.

Something’s out there—and the problem with something being out there is that sometimes those eyes fall upon the mundane world of man.

And those eyes can hold only malevolence.

Dale was such a mundane IT guy, making bank and living it up in the singles scene in the southern United States. The good life, in the real world.

So he thought.

Then he met Kirana, a woman living under a curse that has left her barely human. A magical curse, in a world where magic doesn’t exist.

She needs help, but it will come at a cost. The revelation of impossibilities is only the tip of the shadows threatening the world of man.

Because beyond that, lies the world of the djinn.



Book One in this urban/fantasy/romance/portal series is intended for mature readers only. Some violence, gore, language, unconventional relationships and lots of steam that isn’t hidden behind curtains. All followed by furry tails—and they’re the most dangerous of all.






Thanks to AI and a shit-ton of photoshop by

my artist, I have character portraits for this series!

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