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She was a Wendigo, a monster of legend, a beast, a predator. Feeding from humans or feeding off of them, she did as her kind always did, survive deep within the wilderness that separated the small villages of the land.

At least, until a chance encounter with a young man who offered something she could have never known she needed. Kind words, a gentle touch, a soft kiss —things a Wendigo never receives. Along with something else... something alien and forbidden in her race.

Something she was never supposed to feel, waking from deep inside her. A terrible contradiction to her very being...


This dark fantasy romance novel is for mature readers only. It contains... well, it's about a love affair with a Wendigo, just what are you expecting? Going to be some violence, blood, and gore, and no curtains will be hiding the steamy scenes. You've been warned. Especially about the furry tail...


Gene was a man with no past...


Really. He had no memory beyond the five years he lived on a secluded island in a lake, next to a village skirting the wilderness of the southern lands. He only knew he had to keep his past from catching up to him.

And all was fine, until she showed up..

A ghost. On his island...

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