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Author Clint Hone

updated 1/28/23

For the record, COVID sux. Little behind in my writing thanks to this little bug, (both myself and my wife). That mental fog that lingers for weeks is no joke...

...and then everything snowballed.


Yeah, last year sucked.

Really, sucked.

Get up chump, dust yourself off, and get your ass back to work. Then find out you lost some data in a move.


I am thankful for some of you writing to me with kind words.

That is what actually helped me pull everything together.

Thank you!

ANYway, book one in a new series is almost finished and

will be released, hopefully really soon. Then I can restart

Book 4 of the Ethnya Series and get that out to you readers.

My. Deepest. Apologies.


Author Clint Hone... Well, I'm a storyteller - I wouldn't call myself an actual author.

I'm writing novels to escape the reality we live in, and taking you with me!

Embark into other realms somewhere in the multiverse,

filled with magic, demi-humans, and monstrous beings... with furry tails.

Coffee Donations Always Appreciated!


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