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Author Clint Hone

updated 3/19/22

"Forest Walker - A Chance Encounter"

A dark fantasy romance novel...

with a monster girl --is also finished.

A steamy romp of an adventure, when a Wendigo,

a mystical creature of the forest, has a fated

encounter with a young man -- one who chooses

to see her for who she is inside, not the beast

of horror that she appears to be. 

Gonna be a lot of non-FTB steam, gore, and violence... and of course, a furry tail!


Coming Soon!

Gene was a man with no past...


Really. He had no memory beyond the five years he lived on a secluded island in a lake, next to a village skirting the wilderness of the southern lands. He only knew he had to keep his past from catching up to him.

And all was fine, until she showed up..

A ghost. On his island...



Author Clint Hone... Well, I'm a storyteller - I wouldn't call myself an actual author.

I'm writing a new series of novels to escape the reality we live in.

Embark into other realms somewhere in the multiverse,

filled with magic, demi-humans, and monstrous beings.

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