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Author Clint Hone

updated 6/5/23

Finally back in the saddle. Hoping I stay here now.

My new series, Tails of Djinn, is kicking off with the first book, Recrudescence. After editing and final touches, it's a chonker coming in at 490 pages for the print version.

Getting serious with this one.

Recrudescence starts the series off with an urban-fantasy-haremish style, but the series itself is portal-progression-small harem-dark fantasy. Kind

of a genre mutt, if you will.

Further from the norm, is the subject I've chosen.


Not something westerners are familiar with. No, anything remotely similar to Aladdin has no basis with Djinn. Lamps and wishes are not part of the mythology of Middle Eastern and Asian cultures, so don't be expecting anything like that.

What you can expect, are beings that dwell among us, hidden and secret... Sometimes monstrous, and sometimes beautiful.

With fuzzy tails.

Ebook/KU editions released May 26th.

This version of the cover is banned on

the 'ol Zon... Go figure...


Writing for book two, Paroxysm is well underway.


Author Clint Hone... Well, I'm a storyteller - I wouldn't call myself an actual author.

I'm writing novels to escape the reality we live in, and taking you with me!

Embark into other realms somewhere in the multiverse,

filled with magic, demi-humans, and monstrous beings... with furry tails.

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